Vanderbilt Medical Center

The Opportunity

Vanderbilt Medical Center came to us with a perception problem. Consumers recognized it as the market leader in research and innovation, but they didn't attribute much warmth to its brand. And with Vanderbilt’s message of patient-focused care and personalized medicine, the challenge was to create a campaign that would make these claims believable. The good news, which we understood as long-time partners with Vanderbilt, was that it could authentically stand by these claims. It just needed the right approach.

The Approach

Working directly with Vanderbilt’s own marketing team, we developed a strategy to shift the focus of this brand campaign away from the experts. Our idea was to give the mic, as it were, to real patients and — tiny risk here — let them tell the story of their patient journey in their own words. We would guide them to talk about their fears, their experience, and mostly, their relationships with their doctors. (Later in the campaign cycle, we began to include the physicians' side of the story.)

Jill Austin Testimonial


Casting was key. We spent several weeks visiting and pre-interviewing patients for the right stories and messages that aligned with broader marketing objectives like which service lines to promote. Once selected, our production team spent two days with each patient, filming them in scenarios that evoked special meaning and memories. Each story we captured was developed into a TV spot and digital-only short film.

TV Commercials

Hannah's Hospital



More Than A Patient

Go Live Your Life

Branded Short Films

Go Live Your Life Short Film

Hannah's Hospital Short Film

The Payoff