Now that states are beginning to re-open, the big question on all our clients' minds is how things will look on-set once we start filming again.

The short answer is: very different.

Crews will be slightly smaller. We’ll all be wearing masks and gloves. A new position, called a Set Safety Coordinator (SSC), will be responsible for monitoring the set. And we'll all move a littler slower as we take time to properly wipe down gear and observe temperature checks.

No one is exactly sure how these new protocols will look in actual practice, but after consulting guidelines from various groups, we’re posting our own “healthy on set” procedures so you can know what to expect from us during production.

Here they are:

  • Stonecastle will screen all crew members for COVID-19 the day before filming begins with a standard health questionnaire.
  • Stonecastle will distribute and require the use of masks and gloves to all crew members and clients.
  • Stonecastle will observe a “step in, step out” procedure to hand-off work between departments so that no more than ten people are present on-set at any given time.
  • A dedicated Set Safety Coordinator (SSC) will:
    • perform no-contact thermal temperature checks at the beginning of each day;
    • conduct daily safety briefings;
    • ensure on-set observance of the 6’ social distancing rule; and
    • oversee distribution and proper disposal of masks and gloves.
  • When possible, Stonecastle will encourage sound recordists to use boom mics at a safe distance instead of clipping lavalier microphones to subjects.
  • All gear will be disinfected before and after the shoot.
  • Members of each department will disinfect gear and workstations during breaks in activity.
  • On-set communication devices (radios) will be disinfected and individually bagged before distribution.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available on all carts.
  • Craft service and meals will be provided in single-serve, individually packaged containers.

This is, of course, a living document that we'll be adding to and modifying as we take our first steps toward filming in these unprecedented times.

We believe these procedures will ensure a safe working environment with minimal disruption to our established production workflows. If you have any questions or thoughts about our new policies, feel free to reach out to us at hello@wearestonecastle.com or (615) 974-1770.