David Poag

I remember the very first time I looked through a real lens. The weight of it in my hand, what it felt like to bring something into focus at the crosshairs. I was 12 years old, on a park bench in Chicago. I have been trying to capture this world through a lens ever since.

My aim as a filmmaker is to get to the core, the essence, the reason for — and showcase that in all of its subtle glory and nuance. Let the content drive the creative. Introducing the viewer to another human being, telling a captivating story: these are responsibilities I take to heart. I work [really] hard to create art that is interesting and good, worthy of someone's time.

I have directed several ADDY award winning broadcast campaigns for Goodwill, and directed content for companies such as Patagonia, Vanderbilt, and PGI. Music videos for Chris Young and Kane Brown garnered CMT video of the year nominations, and I have directed videos for other artists like Trace Adkins, Alabama, Brian Welch of Korn, Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors, to name a few.

Also a passionate cinematographer, I have served as DP for national broadcast campaigns, award-winning music videos, several independent films, and too much other content to shake a stick at. I have a real love for candid photography, naturalistic lighting, and documentary work. This career has taken me around the world, and I’m a better man for it.

My last name has one syllable, call me PO-AG and the deal's off.


David lives in Nashville, TN, with his wife Carianne, and two children, Arthur and Lillian.