Meg Easterwood

We like to say Meg has filmmaking in her blood. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Meg’s grandfather wrote and produced iconic ‘80s television shows like MacGyver, Knight Rider, and TJ Hooker. Being a child of the ‘90s, however, she'll admit to you she’s never actually watched any of them, but she does remember being on-set once. That counts for something, right?

As Account Manager at Stonecastle, Meg’s job is to guide our projects through all the different phases of production. She keeps the trains moving and ensures a direct line of communication with clients.

Meg moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University where she studied communications, and took jobs in event management and real estate before landing at Stonecastle. Meg lives in Nashville with her husband. While '80s television may not be her thing, challenge her to Friends trivia and she will win.